Adventures with Boomer is an exciting new children's video from Wyboo Productions teaching the importance of friendships.

When Boomer discovers that his grandson Carl is having friend troubles, he shares some exciting stories to help him out. Set in the old west, the story of The Salsa Gang follows three misguided banditos as they spend all they have to try to "cash in" on some friends.
Then take a trip to medieval times in the story of Sir Gilbert. A self-centered Duke thinks his royal possesions will make his friendships stick, but an unwise building choice puts him and his friends in danger. Ride alongside as Sir Gilbert (a truly noble knight) struggles to warn the Duke of some truths that may not be so fun to hear.
Join Boomer and his grandson, Carl to learn some valuable virtues of the true meaning of friendship and be reminded of the Friend who sticks "Closer than a brother."

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